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BostadsZonen is one of Sweden’s leading housing portals exclusively for rental housing. We collect available rental properties from all over the country in one place and always have over 54,000 available rental properties in Sweden online.

The range of available rental properties on BostadsZonen is updated every day. In this way, we ensure that we are always completely up-to-date on the newest rental properties on the market, and that we can offer our users the best experience when they search for their future rental property. 

Find an apartment for rent in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country and one that many foreigners prefer to settle down in. Many international students apply to one of the universities that are amongst the best in Europe. After they finish their studies, several of them tend to stay in Sweden. 

Sweden has a lot to offer! The big cities count Goteborg, Stockholm, Malmo and Uppsala. Besides the big cities there are so many smaller charming towns where you can find a house to rent. If you are looking specifically for an apartment, it is easiest to find one in the bigger cities. Many students are also on the look out for a room to rent in Stockholm or other university cities. 

On BostadsZonen we help match you and the tenant. This makes it easier for you as a foreigner, who don‚Äôt have any network or have a hard time finding housing. Perhaps you have already lived in Sweden for some time but need a new place to rent. This site is also for you. 

How do I find an apartment for rent in Sweden?

At BostadsZonen we help you to find your next apartment. Use the filter to narrow the search exactly to the property you are looking for. Search for instance on size, city or price. 

It can be difficult to know where to look for an apartment for rent, not least online. We at BostadsZonen have collected several apartments on the same site, which gives a good and clear overview. You can use the smart search function to find a home that matches your preferences. It is also possible to subscribe to new apartment ads so that you never miss out on your dream property and have a head start on others! If you need help or get stuck on the road, our customer service is at hand.

There are many advantages in choosing an apartment for rent. Firstly, you are not tied down financially, and you can always cancel the apartment, if you must move, or you change your mind.

If you do not yet know where you want to settle down, it is a good idea to rent an apartment. You do not commit to a place and area, which gives you more freedom and a chance to check out the city. 

If you live in a rented apartment, you can also share the cost with some roommates. This is a great way to meet new people ‚Äď and perhaps make lifelong friends. 

Rent an apartment in Stockholm, rent an apartment in Malm√∂ or rent an apartment in G√∂teborg here at BostadsZonen. 

Houses for rent in Sweden

A house for rent can be difficult to find, but at BostadsZonen we have made it easy for you. On this page you can find houses for rent in different cities. If you want to rent a house in Stockholm, you use the search function to filter the search so only houses for rent in Stockholm are displayed. 

When you rent a house, you get plenty of space. Often you get more space than in an apartment. Most houses come with a garden ‚Äď and this is paradise to families with kids. The kids can play outside, and you do not have to find the nearest playground, but a playground is right outside your window. 

Also renting a house makes it possible for you to check out an area, before you decide to buy a house. Renting a house gives you the freedom to move again and is ideal for those who know that they will be living in an area for a limited period of time. It can also be for you who just want to see if a specific city is something for you.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a house to rent for 1 person or a whole family, you will definitely find one on this site. The advantage of renting a house is that you are not bound financially, and you can terminate the lease based on the notified period, which is written in the lease.

Rent a room in Stockholm or other of the big cities

Are you a student? As a student you don‚Äôt have plenty of money. Renting a whole apartment is expensive. It is an option for you to share the rent with housemates. This makes the rent cheaper and you can also share the cost of food, cleaning supplies, toilet paper etc. 

If you don‚Äôt know anyone in the city, this is a great way to get to know someone. Your future room mates could be your future friends. 

How do I find a house for rent unlimited?

It can be difficult to find leases that are unrestricted. On BostadsZonen, you can mark your search next to unlimited rent, so that you only see houses for rent that fall under the category. 

Bostad Sweden ‚Äď how do I find a future home?

At BostadsZonen we help you find your future home. We have more than 54,000 available homes. To find the one that suits you best, you can use the filter, when you search. This makes it easier for you to find homes that are accurate to your needs. 

If you are looking for rental housing in Denmark, you can find it here on our sister housing portal BoligZonen.

How expensive is an apartment for rent in Sweden?

The price varies. It depends on what city you are looking to rent an apartment in, and it also depends on the size of the apartment. In Stockholm the prices are between 5000-36.000 SEK.