Find a house to rent at BostadsZonen

At BostadsZonen you can make it easy for yourself to find a rental house. On this page you can find houses for rent in different cities. If you want a house for rent in Malmö or a house for rent in Stockholm, you can use our search function to filter the search so that only houses for rent in these cities are displayed.

When you rent a house, you get lots of space. You might also get a piece of grass or a garden. This is perfect for a family, or you who has a pet. To buy a house is a huge investment. It might be one you are not ready to make yet. For you it is a great option to start by renting a house. In this way you also allow yourself to check out the area and see how it feels to live in a house. As a tenant you have the possibility of calling the landlord if anything breaks. When you own the house, everything is your responsibility. 

On our site, you can search for houses to rent in different parts of Sweden, in different cities, at a certain price, and whatever other criteria you have. This makes your search more targeted, and you will find something that matches your needs faster. Perhaps you are looking for a house with unlimited rent? Then you can click on the box with ‚Äėunlimited‚Äô and the homes that are shown to you have unlimited rent.

Houses for rent in all parts of Sweden

At BostadsZonen we have houses for rent in all parts of Sweden. You can rent houses in everything from Uppsala or Lund to Sävedalen or Huddinge. Maybe you already live in that part of Sweden, or maybe you have to move somewhere new. If you are interested in renting a house in a certain area, you can register for BoligMatcher. Here you will be the first to hear about new rental properties in the given area. You will receive an email when a new rental property is up on our site. It is particularly relevant, when you are looking for accommodation in popular areas such as Stockholm, Malmö or Göteborg

You will find both country properties and you will also find villas in the city. If you are a city person, you can check out the selection of houses for rent in the city you want to live in. It could also be that you have always dreamed of moving to the countryside? Then it might be time to try it out with a house for rent. 

Questions about renting a house

There can be many questions in connection with renting a house. You can check out our articles on our site, where you will get answers to a lot of different questions. It may be that you are in doubt about what the rules are for moving out of the tenancy, or perhaps you are not sure what will happen to your tenancy if you have to be rehoused.

It is also good to be aware of rules about pets if you would like to move into your new tenancy with your dog or a rabbit. Here you must pay attention to what is written in the lease, but also what is written in the house rules.

You are also always welcome to contact our Customer Service.