A room to rent in Sweden

At BostadsZonen you can find a room to rent. It is ideal solution when you cannot afford an apartment for yourself. By renting a room you save money and hopefully you get to live with great people. You can move in with friends or someone you don’t know. It is particularly popular to rent a room in the big cities such as Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg and Uppsala, as it is difficult to afford to rent an apartment for yourself.

When you rent a room, you will usually share the bathroom and kitchen with others. You have your own room, where you can close the door, but you can also be social in the kitchen or in a possible living room. On BostadsZonen, you can search for "rent a room", and your search will be specified against just this. You can filter your search further by choosing budget, area or if you have other needs.

What are the benefits of renting a room? We mention some of them here:

- It is cheap to rent a room. At least cheaper than renting an entire apartment. In a big city like Stockholm prices are very high, and this is a way to afford moving out. Perhaps you can even save up money for a future apartment. 

- You get the opportunity to make some new friends, or maybe you can live with some friends, where you rent an apartment together. Whether you're social or not, it's a great way to live with others. You can always close your own door to the room, but if you want to be social, there is always someone to hang out with. 

- Cleaning will be easier, as you can take turns cleaning. You therefore do not have to be responsible for cleaning an entire apartment yourself every week. It is important to make a schedule for who cleans when, so that you are sure that it will happen and that there is not just one person who ends up cleaning every time. It must be an equal distribution.

- If you know your roommates well, it may be that you would like to cook together and share food expenses. It is also a way to save money. You can also take turns cooking, so you don't have to cook every night.

What should you pay attention to when renting a room?

There are several things you need to be aware of when renting a room. If you move in with someone, who has lived there for some time, they might have a roomie contract. If you are the first one to move in with some friends, it is a good idea to make a roomie contract. Read the roomie contract thoroughly so that you agree to the conditions set out. It could be that parties are not allowed ‚Äď or that they are. You also have to be aware of if it is a time limited lease. 

It is also worth checking the rules on the deposit. In fact, the landlord may demand a maximum of three months' rent as a deposit - and that is without an advance payment. Deposits today can be incredibly high. It is also good to check whether the landlord may use the deposit for maintenance, depending on what is stated in the lease.