Find a terraced house for rent that suits your needs

At BostadsZonen you will find terraced houses for rent all over Sweden. By filtering your search, you only get results that are relevant to you. A terraced house for rent gives you many options. You get good space, and at the same time you are not financially tied to it. Maybe you don't need a big house, and then a terraced house is ideal. It will also be cheaper for you than renting a house. With a terraced house, you might get a little garden, you get plenty of space, and it's a good place to start as a couple or a small family.

At BostadsZonen you can search specifically for terraced houses for rent in all cities and popular areas such as G√∂teborg, Uppsala, G√§vle, Halmstad and so on. You can add your maximum budget and how many rooms you want. It may also be that pets are relevant to you, and then you can search for terraced houses for rent where pets are allowed. 

Where can you find cheap townhouses to rent?

If you would like to live close to the city in something larger than an apartment, a terraced house is ideal. You can find terraced houses in large or medium-sized cities, in suburbs or in smaller towns. There are many terraced houses in the suburbs, where you get to live closer to the beautiful nature of Sweden and that are still reasonably close to the city. It is an ideal combination. Cheap terraced houses for rent are often located in the suburbs. 

If you are willing to move a little outside the center, the prices will be much better. You can simply search for the area where you want to live, and then you will see the wide selection on BostadsZonen. If you would like to be the first to hear about townhouses for rent in your area, you can create BoligMatcher. With BoligMatcher, you are the first to hear about new rental properties in your area. You will receive an email, when a new terraced house is up on the website. This means that you can quickly write to the landlord and perhaps become the lucky next tenant.

Useful knowledge when moving into a terraced house

It is always a good idea to read the lease carefully before you sign, so that you agree to all the conditions. Many people want to move into a terraced house with a dog or another pet. You must write to the landlord and ask whether it is allowed. The lease will state whether pets are allowed or not. It is not always specified which animals, and many landlords will allow fish, birds or other small animals, although pets are not allowed. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our Customer Service.

We wish you the best of luck in finding your next home!