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Commitment, user-friendly and trustworthy

We are here to help you with your accommodation search or rental. We find it is fun and exciting to develop a rental accommodation portal that our customers find interesting in terms of content and user-friendliness.

We are personally very committed and feel a huge responsibility. We work hard every day to develop a functional rental accommodation portal for you as a user.

BostadsZonen is a rental accommodation portal that provides the contact between landlords and renters throughout Denmark. We have existed since 2017 but changed our name to BoligZonen in 2021 and are today among one of the largest rental accommodation portals for rental homes alone throughout Denmark.

To us, it is a success parameter and extremely important that you, as a user of our housing portal, have confidence in what we do and that the homes you find on our website are valid.

Everyone makes mistakes, and so do we. Therefore: contact us if you have suggestions for improvements or discover any bugs that you think we should fix. Remember, we are here to help you.

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Josefine and Kristian

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