Stockholm housing

Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden and also the largest city and urban area in Scandinavia. For that reason many look for an apartment in Stockholm or other housing opportunities. Plenty of students are looking for student housing in Stockholm, but also apartments, houses and rooms are extremely popular. Stockholm is the cultural, political and economic center of Sweden. It is no wonder that there is a big demand for rental housing. This means you have to be quick to secure a place to rent. 

There is a need of housing in all areas of Stockholm. The metropolitan of Stockholm is attractive with its pulse, architecture, nightlife, restaurants and museums. There is something for everybody. Stockholm is unique in several ways. For instance the fact that the city is built on 14 islands that are connected by 57 bridges. Therefore, Stockholm is surrounded by water, and that means you will be close to the water no matter where you stay in the city. These are just a few of the reasons why Stockholm is so popular. Here are also some high rank universities and lots of job opportunities. Lots of new houses and apartments are being built in the city, and the city is expanding. 

Rental in Stockholm – for all needs and budgets

You can rent a house in Stockholm, an apartment in Stockholm or find a room to rent in the great city Stockholm. If you move to the city to study, a room in a shared apartment is ideal or a studio apartment. You need to be patient when looking for a place to rent. The competition is very high, but eventually you will find something. 

If you have just started a family, you may be looking for something bigger, where the children can play safely in a garden or on a closed street and you as parents can socialize in the neighborhood. Then you might be looking for a house to rent in Stockholm. 

Stockholm county is Sweden’s smallest county, but has the largest population. Roughly 2 million inhabitants live in the county, spread across 26 municipalities. Stockholm municipality is the largest with 1,4 million people, but also the most expensive to live in. In Sweden it is not unusual to live in one municipality and work in another. 

From Stockholm Arlanda airport you can easily get to anywhere in the world. For those who want to move to Stockholm County for work, there is a wide range of jobs in many different industries. The largest private employer is the telecommunication company Ericsson and in the public sector, Region Stockholm is the largest employer with around 55,000 employees. There are no less than 17 universities and colleges in the county, with Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology as some of the highest ranked, also internationally.

The county has good public transport and thus good opportunities to commute by subway, train, bus and bicycle between work and home. The price level for housing in Stockholm County is the highest in Sweden, but if you can imagine living a bit outside of Stockholm, there are of course housing that costs significantly less. Filter the search results by monthly cost to see which homes in Stockholm county match your wishes, or see all available homes in Stockholm county >>

Find an apartment in Stockholm

Many new apartments are being built in the beautiful and historical city. In Stockholm you find a perfect mix of traditional and modern apartments. It is popular known as “Venice of the north” because of its location across 14 islands in the Baltic Sea. In Stockholm you find lots of green areas and natural landscapes surrounding the urban city areas. Lots of people seek to Stockholm because of plenty of job opportunities, both locals and expats come to the city. 

To rent an apartment in Stockholm is not the cheapest, but you will find lots of high quality apartments for rent in Stockholm. It is also possible to find furnished apartments in Stockholm. This is ideal for expats living in the city for a shorter period of time. Then you don’t have to buy furniture and put up lamps, which makes everything easier. 

Here you get a closer look on apartments in Stockholm in the different districts. The districts are varied, but there are apartments available in all of them so it just depends on what you are looking for. 

In the inner city you are close to work locations and all entertainment and attractions. However, renting an apartment here is more expensive than in the rest of the city. You can save money if you look for apartments outside the inner city. If you want to prioritize spending the money to be close to everything the inner city has to offer, there are definitely apartments for rent. 

If you go further into the suburbs, there are more houses and apartments for rent that are more suitable for families with schools and kindergartens nearby. 

Gamla Stan – the inner city

This is the old town or the historical center that dates as far back as the 13th century. It’s a small island where you find some of the most popular and known attractions; churches, museums, The Royal Palace, The Noble Museum and Armoury. Here you find narrow streets with houses from the 17th century and lots of cafes and cute shops. It’s busy in high season because many tourists visit the inner city. 

To rent an apartment in Stockholm in the inner city is difficult because it is very popular. Therefore rent prices are high and competition high, so you might have to search in the neighboring areas as well.

Stockholm apartment in Södermalm

Södermalm is one of the trendy and attractive districts of Stockholm. This is an area where lots of young people live. It was ranked as the coolest neighborhood in Europe by Vogue. You find an exciting night life, but also lots of historical and cultural places. At Skinnarviksberget you get one of the best views of the city. Here you also find the Royal Palace and the Swedish Parliament. There is competition to rent an apartment here, but also to find student housing or a house to rent. You find both modern apartments, but also traditional cottages up the hill not far from the lively center. 

Östermalm – an exclusive part of Stockholm

Östermalm has more exclusive housing in Stockholm. The district is North East of the center of Stockholm. There is easy access to the center and other nearby districts. Here you find one of the best shopping districts in Stockholm with a lot of high quality shops. Östermalm is one of the richest districts in Stockholm and it attracts the richer part of Sweden.   

Find student housing in Stockholm

Stockholm has plenty of students. As already mentioned the city has several high-rank universities and in general lots of student opportunities. Therefore the demand for student housing is big. If you don’t find student housing in Stockholm, you can try to rent a room in Stockholm in a shared apartment with others. In that way you also get roommates you can hang out with and share life with. This is a good way to get to know someone in the big city. Stockholm is a student friendly city, and it’s easy to meet fellow students.

Find a house for rent in Stockholm

To find a house for rent in Stockholm is not easy. In the inner city there are very few houses, and renting one is extremely expensive. What you can do is to look for house rental in Stockholm County and outside the inner city. Housing rental in Stockholm is ideal if you have a family or if you are several people who want to share the cost of the rent and live close together. With a house comes a garden usually, where you can enjoy the different seasons. If you have kids, it is easier to live in a house with plenty of space compared to an apartment. 

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Sometimes the housing market can be perceived as difficult and almost impossible to get into. Do not despair. It can take both patience and luck to find dream homes in Stockholm County. We think it should be easy to get an overview of the range of available homes in Stockholm County. BostadsZonen therefore passes on information about vacant homes in the form of advertisements that landlords and private individuals create on this page. You can filter the search results by housing type – room, apartment or house, number of square meters, number of rooms, monthly cost and how long you want to rent. After you fill in this, you can see the range of available homes in Stockholm County. In order for potential landlords to be able to find you, you can also create your own advertisement where you describe what you are looking for. If you want to exchange homes with someone else, there are also exchange ads here on

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How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Stockholm?

The average rental price in Stockholm for apartments are in between 27 € and 7,571 €.

How big is a Stockholm apartment?

The size of an apartment in Stockholm varies, but usually it’s 9 mÂČ and could go up to 150 mÂČ.

How to find apartments for rent in Stockholm?

At BostadsZonen we help you to get connected with the rent owners in Stockholm. Use our search machine to filter your search and all of a sudden there is an apartment, and it will be yours!